the feeders at the penguin exhibit explain the challenges of maintaining a bird population, climate control, and a dwindling fish supply… luckily we don’t have to worry about these issues today.

high quality fake rocks at the Monterey Aquarium… . they even have mollusks and veins of quartz and floating Neruda quotes…

Amazing pictographs found on fake rocks. Proof that the Anasazi were time traveling aliens who occasionally doodled on broken down theme park rides. Also, if you look closer, a barely-visible message from a former civilization. Storyteller Theater?

The Southwest still has many mysteries to solve.

penguin on a fake rock…  and a smug puffin in background… a situation that can only happen in a zoo in nebraska since puffins live in the northern hemisphere and penguins in the southern hemisphere…

Did they (the imagineers) first build the rock cliffs and then carve the faces in them? Probably not… That would be like building an entire granite mountain in the middle of the Black Hills before starting Mt. Rushmore.

I love theme-park cabanas. This one has everything I like: a thatched conical roof, hexagon floor plan, log beams tied together with thick rope, a wooden platform and no walls.

BONUS: the foundation is a concrete boulder embedded with fake tree roots

The tunnels beneath these fake rock formations in the Orlando Marriott One World Resort were dug long ago by a forgotten clan of elderly dwarfs … dwarfs who appreciated hand railings.