The self-aware Walden Pond gift shop, perfect place to get your HDT schwag. I especially enjoyed the ironic wall quotes and t-shirts that said, “Simplify.”

I didn’t run the Boston Marathon, but I did attend the expo, so almost the same thing. I really liked these mannequins, running above the shoppers. Although they didn’t show up on the leaderboard, I think they were the big winners.

while charging our car in phoenix, we walked into a mall. . . . malls strive to be somewhere between boutique shopping and an amusement park, but never accomplish either

this is a lousy photo. . . you can even see my reflection in the window. . . but, eh, I like it

It’s unfortunate and not something we like to talk about, but many spiders cannot make their own webs. Thankfully they can purchase artificial spiderwebs.