IKEA doesn’t say their crap is better for the planet. They say it’s better for People + Planet. People first, planet second. And the planet is a flimsy cut-out that looks like it had an algae overgrowth.

Maybe I can be one of those photographers who take pictures of old dilapidated signs on Route 66. Then I’ll start wearing black leather jackets and grease my hair back. And I’ll buy an old car from the 1950’s, fix it up, and drive the mother road. . . all the way to L.A. I’ll seek out the greasiest diners, the lonliest truck stops, and the cheapest motels.

On second thought, I’d rather stay home.

The eiffel tower with palm trees.

We spent the weekend in Vegas. . . My wife got a free room at the Flamingo and tickets to Lady Gaga from some boondoggle ran by a pharmaceutical company. It was a lot of fun. I love Vegas. . . especially the schlock.