This theme-park cabana with its sad orange tarp and chicken-wire fence, is obviously sub-par. . . but it’s not all bad. There’s a T-Rex in the background.

The fenced-in sky of the Omaha Zoo aviary.  I didn’t see many birds. Either the zoo is restocking or the birds found an escape tunnel.

Elevated wooden walkways are perfect for “nature.” They separate the humans, lifting them above the muck so they don’t get their shoes dirty.

I love theme-park cabanas. This one has everything I like: a thatched conical roof, hexagon floor plan, log beams tied together with thick rope, a wooden platform and no walls.

BONUS: the foundation is a concrete boulder embedded with fake tree roots

No ride in Disneyland transfers you further from reality than the Enchanted Tiki Room. Psuedo Hawaiian gods and goofy tropical birds doing 1950 sing-a-longs. Yes, my friends, an animatronic utopia is still possible.