My sunsets on the Algarve coast suffered from lens flares, contrast issues, and poor shooting locations. But I don’t care. I DON’T CARE!

Sunsets are stupid.

Maybe I can be one of those people who only shoot photos of white-painted poles on the beach. I’ll create a website with thousands and thousands of white-painted poles on the beach. The photos will be shot from beaches across the world. The Caribbean. The Mediterranean. The South Seas. These photos will become extremely popular. Everyone who loves the beach, but is land locked, will purchase one. They will cherish the photo and hang it in their home. Likely in their bathroom.

Arcosanti, AZ.  Round windows are essential for southwestern utopian architecture (swootopian?).  Though I’m not so sure about those silly bells.

“Girl on Newport Beach with a Yellow Pail”

Even if your photo is not that great, and the sunset is a dud, and somebody wanders into your frame, you should still give your photo a profound title, right? Then people will think, “hmmm, interesting… ”