Wow. I never expected to find an epic fake-animal exhibit in Granada, Spain (at the science museum, Parque de las Ciencias). The displays had flying boars, antelopes leaping ten feet above your head, lions attacking from below, and all of these critters hanging impossibly in the air. No glass cases. No fake plants. No stands or wires. And everything was set-off by ultra-modern black and white walls. Checkout the shadow of the tiger on the wall, giving the piece even more menace. Amazing lighting and a fantastic exhibit overall. Bravo!

Sorry, I had to post one more. This could be the coolest work of art that I’ve ever seen. It’s like a cubist was commissioned to do animal displays. The antelopes are totally exploding out of that rock.

Here’s another angle.

While in Boston, we stopped by the Harvard Museum of Natural History and discovered some lovely fake nature. No clue what I was aiming my phone at here. Although I liked how the antelope and varmints at the end of the hallway, all seemed to be going in the same direction, as if they’re heading to a meeting.