fake waves at monterey aquarium…  pumped over a glass wall every thirty seconds to simulate the real waves less than fifty yards away…  the nice thing about standing under the fake waves, is they let you imagine being underneath a tsunami

penguin on a fake rock…  and a smug puffin in background… a situation that can only happen in a zoo in nebraska since puffins live in the northern hemisphere and penguins in the southern hemisphere…

Many of the walls in Pompeii were painted with frescos. The city must have employed an army of artists, most of them with talent. I really enjoyed the one above.  I wanted to add little comic book bubbles above the heads of the two sitting figures:

Marcus: Maybe we should evacuate? Vesuvius is acting very angry this morning. 

Gaius: Nah. Forget Vesuvius. Let’s just sit by the beach, drink more wine, and watch this weird dude with a stick.  Carpe Diem.

Below Biosphere 2 it is wonderfully wacky. A maze of tunnels and pipe, wind chambers and holding tanks, pumps and power switches. Oh,and there’s also two stadium-sized “lungs” on either side of the complex used to regulate pressure. Wow… “nature” is not easy.