It was over 100 degrees at the Tuscon Zoo, and many of the animals, including the brown bear, anteater, sloth, jaguar, and lots of others, were hiding “inside” where they had air conditioning.

I didn’t mind though. The enclosures, although empty, had fantastic fake rocks!

box canyon in ouray, colorado is an exquisite canyon filled with a jumbled mess of old mining equipment, pipes to hot springs, and metal walkways… of course they’ve turned it into a tourist attraction

the best thing about climbing into the canyon is the noise… the falls, which are hidden behind a rock wall, are so loud that you can’t have a conversation with somebody right next to you

The strange and incredibly humid Lied Jungle at the Omaha Zoo with its fake waterfalls and realistically painted trees (Tim!) and cement catwalks.  The alga and mold are now taking over and the paint is fading, giving the place a strange Le Corbusier post-apocalyptic vibe. Also, it seems to attract a lot of moms wearing track shoes and pushing strollers.  Very weird place.

Nice fake-rocks and waterfalls at Orlando Marriott.  I really liked the planters on top with palm trees.  I’m waiting for somebody to build an entire resort out of this stuff… maybe in Abu Dhabi… and it should be 150 floors…