There’s no better way to greenwash than black Helvetica on a white background, as if you’re using less resources by going generic. It taps into some eco-hipster vibe. These should be drank while tooling around on a scooter on Koh Phi Phi.

Locally sourced solar power? I’m glad to hear that Sacramento isn’t sourcing their solar power from Tau Ceti. (This joke is for the astronomers out there)

a mini-bar in Boulder. . . $12 gummy bears. . . an $18 oxygen boost. . . if you buy the stuffed prairie dog, you help relocate prairie-dog colonies displaced by front-range construction.

IKEA doesn’t say their crap is better for the planet. They say it’s better for People + Planet. People first, planet second. And the planet is a flimsy cut-out that looks like it had an algae overgrowth.

Florida is packed with lakes and ponds and reservoirs, etc., more water than ninety-percent of the U.S… but in Orlando, the resorts choose to ship in water from Fiji, a small island on the opposite side of the globe.  Apparently this is good for the planet.