So we traveled to Omaha to visit my mom and I managed to shoot a couple lousy photos. Not sure why I was so interested in filling the frame with the boring sky. This one reminds me of a joke my dad would often tell when we drove past large construction projects. What’s the state bird of Nebraska?

apartments on the plains. . . reminds me of a Bill Amundson doodle (Denver artist).

Here’s a lousy photo of an Alamo reenactment. Even though this lady’s iphone is floating in my frame, I did manage to catch the burn coming from these old guy’s flintlocks.

while charging our car in phoenix, we walked into a mall. . . . malls strive to be somewhere between boutique shopping and an amusement park, but never accomplish either

this is a lousy photo. . . you can even see my reflection in the window. . . but, eh, I like it

The Narrows in Zion. . . In the lower right corner, you can see some of the hordes that are shuttled into the canyon and sent tromping through the water, each equipped with rented rubber shoes and a $25 walking stick.

My iphone did something weird with the cliffs in the background, making them look like a blotchy paint-by-number. . .

Yeah, I know, this is crappy photo. I couldn’t figure out how to get this immense tree in the frame with the temple. Very frustrating. The tree was so damn big and I kept running around in circles trying to figure it out.

But it’s all good. I’m over it. I transcended this fucking photo.