while charging our car in phoenix, we walked into a mall. . . . malls strive to be somewhere between boutique shopping and an amusement park, but never accomplish either

this is a lousy photo. . . you can even see my reflection in the window. . . but, eh, I like it

The Narrows in Zion. . . In the lower right corner, you can see some of the hordes that are shuttled into the canyon and sent tromping through the water, each equipped with rented rubber shoes and a $25 walking stick.

My iphone did something weird with the cliffs in the background, making them look like a blotchy paint-by-number. . .

Yeah, I know, this is crappy photo. I couldn’t figure out how to get this immense tree in the frame with the temple. Very frustrating. The tree was so damn big and I kept running around in circles trying to figure it out.

But it’s all good. I’m over it. I transcended this fucking photo.

the open sea

these photos, even though they are crappy, may be my favorite I’ve ever taken… although I’m not sure why… it’s not like i’m not trying to be artistic or anything with my pics which are usually crap photos taken with an iphone with a snarky comment or two… and I don’t feel like “The Open Sea” is a that clever of an analogy for hordes of silhouetted humans holding up iphones… but there was something spooky going on at this exhibit. . something weird and cold and quiet and inhuman… with the blues and blacks and thick square borders with the blurred tanks holding primeval critters in the background and the phrase “The Open Sea” …

it felt so… deep