I loved Seville. So many contrasts. Here’s a photo of Diana the Huntress, attempting to kill a zebra? Or was she aiming for the hippo? I probably could have cropped it better. . .

Lousy photo of an entire wall of weird plastic molded fake rocks (which were actually pretty cool) and cut-out trees at the railroad museum. . . Photos like this make me question my sanity. I seriously have no clue what I was pointing my camera at.

maybe the heat was getting to me, but looking back at my photos from the Tucson Zoo, I found a lot like this. . . I call this, “a study of canopies.”

While in Boston, we stopped by the Harvard Museum of Natural History and discovered some lovely fake nature. No clue what I was aiming my phone at here. Although I liked how the antelope and varmints at the end of the hallway, all seemed to be going in the same direction, as if they’re heading to a meeting.

Girl in pink shirt running in front of San Felipe de Neri church.

There’s nothing deep or intentional here. She just ran across while I was shooting.