We visited the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park (Sutter’s Mill). For ten bucks, we learned how to pan for gold. Step one was to buy our gear. Step two was to apply hand sanitizer. And step three was to pan for gold. Who knew it was so simple! I’m gonna be rich! Rich!

My wife visited NYC and strolled down the High Line, so I thought I’d show her pics.

First, I LOVE THE HIGH LINE. It may be my favorite park in the universe. The High Line isn’t just an urban park. Nor is it an attempt at rewilding. Nor is it simply a simulacrum. It’s fake nature at its finest. Building a park on an abandoned train platform alleviates all kinds of concerns. You don’t have to sculpt the surroundings to appear more embedded in “nature.” There’s no native wildlife that you have to protect. There’s no worry about invasive species. You can have fake pink trees! In one section they artfully reassembled train tracks to remember the park’s grimy past, and why not? And I love the signs telling people to be “mindful.” Visitors should be aware that the High Line is a meditative, restorative, faux nature experience. Bravo!