Caption ideas:

  • darling, my heart is spinning and it aint ever gonna stop
  • darling, if you wanna get lucky, pull my lever
  • darling, would you like to join me for coffee and a three-hour discussion on the semiotic implications of a cowboy with a slot machine built into his torso? I’d love to share my insights on such famous western archetypes as the man-with-no-name, the gambling gentleman in the saloon, and the transhuman robotic cowboy? If this sounds interesting, then you’re my kind of gal!

Homelessness is big problem in Vegas. . . Sad story, but here’s a photo of two guys, Siegfried & Roy, who have been camping out for years, alongside their pet lion, in the bushes in front of the Mirage.

Years ago, Siegfried & Roy were synonymous with the Mirage, which is now scheduled to be demolished and replaced by a giant guitar-shaped casino. Probably a good thing? The Secret Garden was shuttered. The dolphins were freed. The big cats were sent to reserves. And thankfully, the worst fake volcano in existence will finally stop spitting flames. Yay!

I ran into a displaced, homeless guy on the Boulder Creek Path. . . his name, Chief Niwot.

A steakhouse moved into Boston’s Old City Hall. . .

“Early to bed, early to rise, and a sirloin steak, make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. . . “