Maybe I can be one of those photographers who shoot old world windows. I may even get lucky and capture an old world person peeking from one of these old world windows. They will be wearing old world clothes: tunics and scarves and homespun whatevers. And they will have wizened old faces with wrinkles and old worldy eyes. And their mouths will have old world frowns. And their minds, old world thoughts. And their voices, mute. Thus, the old world will push its way into our world and into us, new worlders, who will quickly lose our minds. We’ll forget how to think and speak. Our concept of the world will grow smaller and smaller until it contains only old world notions, old world feelings, and old world wordlings. Our days will be filled with old world nothings and smoller mooch older thengs and weary old droodlings with wordily olde wortlings and lord wodden durdels oft witlings and odell woodlender lordorfenells.