A wonderful bird is the pelican / his bill will hold more than his belican / he can take in his beak / enough food for a week / but I’m damned if I see how the helican!  – Dixon Lanier Merritt

Maybe I could be one of those photographers who shoot desolate scenes with ramshackle buildings… Unfortunately, in Arizona, this would be a full time job.

Arcosanti, AZ.  Round windows are essential for southwestern utopian architecture (swootopian?).  Though I’m not so sure about those silly bells.

The fish department in the Whole Foods in Scottsdale, Arizona, a city in the middle of the desert. Thankfully there was a sign that helped me navigate the waters of sustainability.

Do not think about sin, he thought. There are enough problems now without sin. Also I have no understanding of it.
– Ernest Hemingway, The Old Man and the Sea

In North Phoenix there are thirty-three acres of plush Tiffway 419 Hybrid Bermuda Sports Turf (whatever that is). This is where Leaf played soccer last weekend. Surrounding the soccer complex was a buffer of native habitat with DANGER signs.  The signs didn’t say the area was protected, just dangerous. Why? Jumping cholla? Killer javelina? Or maybe, native habitat around Phoenix has officially been deemed dangerous.

I seen a peanut stand / And heard a rubber band /I’ve seen a needle that winked its eye / But I been done seen about everything / When I see an elephant fly (from Dumbo)

Yep, we been done seen Disneyland.

The proper Disney headgear is giant round mouse ears. These ears will protect one from all dangers in the park. Unfortunately, they do not increase one’s ability to hear.

Disney Imagineers created the above rock formation that is supposed to represent Yosemite or Yellowstone or Rocky Mountain National Park or  anything else in America that has jutting rocks.  They also designed the rocks to magically resemble a wolf’s head.  Make no mistake, these Imagineers are very dangerous people.

Upon completion of each ride, Disney dumps you into a consumer frenzy. My son escaped this one by climbing to the last patch of snow in California and joining the friendliest creature among the hordes, a snowboarding bear.