the feeders at the penguin exhibit explain the challenges of maintaining a bird population, climate control, and a dwindling fish supply… luckily we don’t have to worry about these issues today.

the most popular tank at the monterey aquarium had no fish in it… it had these tablets where kids could design their own fish that magically popped up in  giant TV tanks… . brilliant… imagine an entire zoo like this.

the open sea

these photos, even though they are crappy, may be my favorite I’ve ever taken… although I’m not sure why… it’s not like i’m not trying to be artistic or anything with my pics which are usually crap photos taken with an iphone with a snarky comment or two… and I don’t feel like “The Open Sea” is a that clever of an analogy for hordes of silhouetted humans holding up iphones… but there was something spooky going on at this exhibit. . something weird and cold and quiet and inhuman… with the blues and blacks and thick square borders with the blurred tanks holding primeval critters in the background and the phrase “The Open Sea” …

it felt so… deep

fake waves at monterey aquarium…  pumped over a glass wall every thirty seconds to simulate the real waves less than fifty yards away…  the nice thing about standing under the fake waves, is they let you imagine being underneath a tsunami