My wife visited NYC and strolled down the High Line, so I thought I’d show her pics.

First, I LOVE THE HIGH LINE. It may be my favorite park in the universe. The High Line isn’t just an urban park. Nor is it an attempt at rewilding. Nor is it a simulacrum (although it may be hyperreal). It’s fake nature at its finest. Building a park on an abandoned train platform alleviates all kinds of concerns. You don’t have to sculpt the surroundings to appear more embedded in “nature.” There’s no native wildlife that you have to protect. There’s no worry about invasive species. You can have fake pink trees! In one section they artfully reassembled train tracks to remember the park’s grimy past, and why not? And I love the signs telling people to be “mindful.” Visitors should be aware that the High Line is a meditative, restorative, faux nature experience. Bravo!

Maybe I can be one of those photographers who shoot photos of amazing city skylines? I’ll make prints of the photos and hang them in my remote cabin in the woods where I live. Any time I get the urge to move to a big city where there are oodles of people and always exciting things to do, I’ll stare at these photos until the feeling goes away. It will work, right?

Times Square really isn’t a square. It’s more like a pair of triangles pushed together. Which may explain why this guy in the checkerboard shirt was having so much trouble aligning his selfie. Dude, relax! You’re in Time Square. Soak it in. And if you take a lousy photo, so what. I do it all the time. . .

Tourists wait in line to take photos of themselves riding atop the charging bull of Wall Street. There’s also a line in the back of the bull where people take photos while sticking their finger in the bull’s butt.