These beauties surrounded an outdoor eating area at a Thai restaurant in Tucson. Notice the zig-zag ridges on the leaves and the black plastic receptacles. True art!

Amazing pictographs found on fake rocks. Proof that the Anasazi were time traveling aliens who occasionally doodled on broken down theme park rides. Also, if you look closer, a barely-visible message from a former civilization. Storyteller Theater?

The Southwest still has many mysteries to solve.

Gun fight in the streets of Old Tucson Studios. Here the cowboy lectures the crowd about gun violence, racism, bank robbers, and no-good double-crossing Arizona sheriffs, Luckily we don’t have to worry about these problems today.  

Also in attendance, McGruff the crime dog (bottom left)… He has a little fan in the back of his head to keep him cool in the Arizona heat.

Below Biosphere 2 it is wonderfully wacky. A maze of tunnels and pipe, wind chambers and holding tanks, pumps and power switches. Oh,and there’s also two stadium-sized “lungs” on either side of the complex used to regulate pressure. Wow… “nature” is not easy.